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truChIP Chromatin Shearing Kit

SKU: 520127
Maximum Quantity: 9

The truChIP Chromatin Shearing Kit is designed and optimized for the efficient and reproducible shearing of chromatin from cultured mammalian cells (suspension or adherent) using the Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology.

Kit includes:

  • Buffer A  7.5 mL 10X Fixing Buffer
  • Buffer B  5 mL 5X Lysis Buffer
  • Buffer C   2.5 mL 10X Wash Buffer
  • Buffer D3 6 mL 10X SDS Shearing Buffer
  • Buffer E  6 mL 1X Quenching Buffer
  • Buffer F   0.8 mL 100X Protease Inhibitor Cocktail


Product Note: Tubes and the supporting holders/racks are required to be purchased separately depending on Covaris instrument being used. Please see Required Parts and Accessories listed in the product tab by clicking the following link:


For quantities greater than nine (9) please contact